can anyone tell me the average fps of these games on this build/rig ?

actually ,i'm going to a sapphire radeon hd 7750 for a rig .after that the rig will be :-

processor-intel e7500 core 2 duo 2.93 ghz
ram-4 gb ddr2
mobo-intel dg41rq
psu-supercomp sep500 (local/cheap quality 450watts psu)
graphic card-sapphire radeon hd 7750 1gb ddr5.

i play games on 1280* matter if lowest settings .

can you tell me that what should be the average fps of the following games ,this system is going to give on 1280*720 on low-med. settings :-

far cry 3
crysis 3
battlefield 3
max payne 3
dead space 3
devil may cry 5(dmc)
bioshock infinite etc .
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  1. Er... Just simply install FRAPS and see it for yourself after you bought the card.
    Seriously, HD7750 is quite good for 1280x720 resolution, I would expect Medium or high setting, depend on the game..
  2. is this good card for this described rig ?i know that it'll be little bottlenecked by this rig .but i think that this card will manage to give me some good fps on 1280*720 on low settings with this rig .am i right ?is this a good choice ?
  3. Yes, like I said before that card would be suffice for 1280x720. Your PC is still strong enough to play recent games with decent setting... :)
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