MSI Releases 2 GB HD 7790 OC Graphics Card

MSI has released a 2 GB version of its HD 7790 OC card.

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  1. Hmm, locally priced above the XFX HD 7850 sometimes....
  2. hmm, how well can a 7790 utilize that extra 1GB of memory? I call for benchmarks!
  3. Yeah, I don't think they extra gb will be that beneficial. Even the 7850 doesn't have that much of an effect of the extra vram.
  4. this is more for marketing for people who dont really know their computer hardware. its already a known fact that low end GPUs cant use the extra vrm properly any ways
  5. HD7850 benefits from 2GB with eye candy turned on and so does this XFX 7790 with 2GB.
    Whether it is worth the price uplift is another story.
  6. Its a waste of GDD5 memory
  7. I saw an review on the 2GB card. It really doesn't improve performance that much.
  8. When looking at benchmarks between the two, make sure the clock rates are the same. rolli59 link shows several percent different in benchmarks, but the graphics is clocked higher and the ram is clocked higher.
    Personally my 1gig version will clock to 1.2GHz, but the ram hates being overclocked. I doubt the price will make it a pick over the 1gig model or a 7850, but hard to argue with options!
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