Samsung Claims First in 5G Wireless Networking Tech

Samsung says it has successfully tested technology that will be at the core of 5G mobile connectivity.

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  1. Are unlimited data plans making a comeback or will I blink and be over the limit?
  2. cwolf78 said:
    Are unlimited data plans making a comeback or will I blink and be over the limit?

    If you're downloading games maybe.
  3. First we need an international law to make any type of bandwidth cap illegal. What's the point of 4G 5G or 10,000G if it will eat your data plan in a few seconds?
  4. This is useless if still I have to get up from my desk and walk to a window to get a signal..
  5. I can see it now:
    "Are you tired of waiting minutes or even HOURS to hit your bandwidth cap? Well, have no fear because the wait is over! With new and improved 5G you can hit your cap in mere seconds! All for only $200 down and $55 monthly payments! Call today!"
  6. chances are very likely that by 2020, bandwidth caps will be much more forgiving than today and signal strength will be more advanced. 2020 is 7 years away, and at the pace comunications tech is evolving, ALOT can happen in this time. I wouldnt really think much about this tech until we actually see it on a consumer level.
    also, I didnt really read the article of a few days ago, but wasnt there an article here on THG that stated Mediatek released the first SoC with integrated 5G?
  7. "Maybe by 2020 the majority of consumers worldwide will have finally jumped on the 4G LTE-Advanced bandwagon, which launches later this year, just in time for the 5G network launch."

    Revise this sentence please, it makes no sense whatsoever. First of all, the major carriers have no plans for LTE-Advanced yet. We're still worrying about LTE deployment and that's an expensive, lengthy process. To put a date on it is ridiculous. Secondly, LTE-Advanced will be marketed as 5G, even though according to the 3GPP it'll be true 4G (and the LTE you know now is 3G). Finally, how are people jumping on a bandwagon in 2020 for a 'later this year launch'. What are you even saying?
  8. They need to focus on hardware. Too many apps running at once slows things down. If they can fix that bottleneck, then we can move on. I think my DROID is in dire need of twice the amount of memory it has for it to run smoothly. Everytime I try to run updates, it's unbearably slow and I can't do anything else.
  9. They need to work on battery life not hardware lol
  10. Korea... the new Japan...
  11. Sammy should patent 5g technology give out for free to other phone manufactures and make only apple pay if they want to use it 5g tech ,sounds Very fair to mee ..too bad they cant patent this ;)
  12. By 2020... in Europe and Asia. Make that 2035 for NA.
  13. LTE is useless as it is with 2GB caps. watch 2 or 3 netflix movies in a month on that and you're going to go over. They are just making it easier and easier to end up with overage charges in the hundreds and potentially thousands of dollars if you even attempt to stream anything at those speeds. UHD movies? really? if those are above and beyond bluray, you'll blow through your limit before you finish one film! Bullshit if you ask me.
  14. I use T-Mobile, what is this data cap thingamajig you are talking about?
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