Google Launches All-Access Music Streaming Service

Mountain View's long-rumored music streaming service is finally official.

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  1. $10 a month for internet radio doesn' t make much sense to me. I'd pay $2-5/month for sure. Until then, I'll stick with my cloud-based player.
  2. "Google Play Music All Access" They couldn't come up with something better than that?
  3. I agree, $10/month is just a bit to expensive. I just can't justify $120/year for radio, but then again somehow satellite radio still exists.
  4. Google Music looks good, but many are disappointed with no Nexus 7 II, however, one new Android tablet that while from a lesser known tabletmaker, does launch this week, and offers impressive features and a great price -- the Icoo 7GS (3G edition) -- with one of the first sites it's available through is called TabletSprint -- this new 7-inch Android tablet compares to the current $300 Nexus 7 3G version, with most of the same features, but sells for about $200 -- and offers one of the newest Rockchip Quad Core processors, 16GB memory, an HD 1280X800 IPS screen, Bluetooth, WiFi, MicroSD memory card storage, HDMI, Dual Cameras and a SIM slot built in with 3G HSPA+ and unlike the current Nexus 7 3G which only provides data Internet access, the Icoo 7GS offers both internet and phone call connection through any GSM carrier, including AT&T and T-Mobile -- the site TabletSprint also features a few other upcoming Android devices worth checking out that become available in early June.
  5. Its not just radio guys, its a full music storage, streaming and radio service. Not only that, but you can listen to ALL music that they have available for purchase. Its like Rhapsody. You can listen to entire albums. You have access to it all. If you sign up now you get 30 days free AND it will only be $8/month.
  6. What advantages does this have over Spotify Premium? It's the same price, and Spotify lets me play any song, at any time, on any device, and has a radio function. Obviously this article doesn't have a lot of details, but it sounds pretty much the same.
  7. the1kingbob said:
    I agree, $10/month is just a bit to expensive. I just can't justify $120/year for radio, but then again somehow satellite radio still exists.

    Everytime XM calls to re-activate my car, I lay it out for them. I tell them I don't feel their product is worth $150/year and that I feel a fair price for their product is $50 a year. They say they can't do that. But then days later I'll receive an XM deal in the mail to sign up for an introductory rate of $25 for six months. This brings me to $50 a year when I call to cancel during the sixth month as they usually give me the same offer for the next six months.

    I just don't see more than $50 worth of value a year in some subscription by which I have little control over which songs and bands are being played.
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