Google Shows Off 'Auto Awesome', Image Enhancements

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  1. Google is pushing hard to provide an automatic path between android media capture devices and their cloud storage... and subsequently to Google+. This looks like another "if you use our tools you get all this cool stuff" sales pitch. Facebook had better beware, this is aimed at them. Too bad no android device can take a picture that looks as good as the shots in the video.
  2. Had a look at some of the "Enhanced" images, some look pretty terrible as it's screwed with the colour balance. Check out the photos Asian lady or the dog for an example.
  3. So, Google turns on Auto Awesome by default. My photos that I pay Google to protect are now ruined by Google. Awesome it isn't!

    Does anyone know how to get your original photos back that Google messed with before I had a chance to turn this crap off?

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