Installing 8GB strips of ram on Win7 Home, possible?

I understand that the Windows 7 Home 64bit can only support up to 16gb of ram. In terms of the ram's installation, would it work if, on a mainboard with 4 slots of RAM, I install 2 strips of 8GB RAM to achieve 16gb of memory?

In other words, instead of the usual 4 strips of 4GB ram, I install 2 strips of 8 GB ram and leave the other 2 slots empty.

Would this still work?
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  1. Yes; it should work. And it would likely be preferred too unless you have quad-channel support on your motherboard.
  2. So having the 2 strips of 8GB ram sitting on the motherboard will allow a dual channel memory transfer because there is only 2 strips.

    But having 4 strips of 4GB ram will not have dual channel unless the mother supports quad-channel? The dual channel isn't support by having 2 strips of 4GB on DIMM slot 1 & 2 and another 2 strips on slot 3 & 4?
  3. Not unless the motherboard supports dual channel. If you have 4 DIMMs, it'll run in dual channels if your motherboard only supports dual channel.
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