HDMI Audio Goes Straight To Monitor Speakers, Not A/V Reciever

I currently have a configuration set up as so:
PC --> A/V Receiver --> Monitor (All via HDMI)

The video and audio both stream fine, BUT my receiver doesn't play the audio, my monitors crappy speakers do. I've switched inputs on my receiver, disabled onboard audio, and even set HDMI as my default device. But I still get the same issue. I want the full 5.1 audio, but the sound seems to skip straight to my monitor instead of playing out of my A/V receiver. And my monitors settings don't have an option to disable it's speakers. Is there any way I can get my receiver to play the sound?


Computer: Dell Inspiron 531s with Radeon HD 5450 graphics card

Reciever: Sony STR-K7100

Monitor: Asus VE248H
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  1. We need more info. Are you using a 5.1 speaker setup?
  2. thee_prisoner said:
    We need more info. Are you using a 5.1 speaker setup?

    Yeah, I'm using a 5.1
  3. So I seemed to have found my own answer.
    My Sony receiver supports HDMI pass-through only. So I can't plug my HDMI cord in and have it play audio through my A/V speakers. It passes through to my monitor speakers.

    This forum post I found explains the entire thing: http://www.highdefforum.com/high-definition-lounge/37751-great-picture-but-no-sound-through-hdmi.html

    It really sucks that in order to get full 5.1 audio I have to buy more cords and probably a sound card or an SPDIF hookup.
  4. Why not just send video through the a DVI to the TV? Does your mobo have analog outputs for surround? What mobo do you have? If it does, this might solve your problem since your receiver has the inputs. Which is cool since it's getting harder to find.
  5. most modern motherboards have spdif output and many receivers have spdif input. you could run a spdif audio signal and a hdmi video signal.
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