WD Ships My Passport Ultra USB 3.0 External Drives

Here's a quick way to back up your data and look stylish in the process.

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  1. " "The WD Windows 8 app makes it easy to discover the digital media stored on your My Passport Ultra drive with your Windows 8 computer," the company said. "Your content is automatically displayed and organized so you can easily locate and enjoy your photos, videos and music.""
    Ugh. I'll just use Explorer.exe or TOTALCMD64.exe
  2. So how are those "ultra" MyPassport series better than the regular MyPassport USB 3.0 ones? Is the only difference just the bloatware bundled with the drive or are there actually better HDDs inside the enclosure? That'd be nice to know.
  3. save the hassles of plugging in yet 'another' USB device, and just get a NAS with a bunch of cheap 4TB Seagate drives. you'll never have to worry about dropping, missing space, inversing the USB connector, have extra whirring noise, have another silly blinding led light, & to buy another 5 of these cause you lost the other 3, ever again.
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