Why PS3 slows down other devices' internet connection except its own?

For a while whenever I started to watch Neflix using PS3, my wife or kids would start to complain that their laptops internet connection became really slow or stopped working altogether. I first thought it was due to my comcast service bandwidth (which I had 50+MBPS). But after a lot of testing, I finally confirmed it's the PS3 that's causing all of this. I tested with the same number of devices connected to the same router while using a internet-ready TV to watch Netflix, the problem went away. So everything equal, brings PS3 into the equation would cause most other devices slow or stop connecting to the internet. But why?
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  1. Something in your router is giving your PS3 network or bandwidth priority it sounds like...
  2. Can you be more specific what to look for? I haven't done anything on purpose to give PS3 more priority. Got to be PS3 is doing something that's blocking other devices
  3. What router? Are you using stock or custom firmware?
  4. Oh, and it will be something like 'QOS' or 'WMM' for the priority stuff...
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