Connectify Launches Switchboard Kickstarter Project

It's a step up from Connectify Dispatch, and it uses the company's own servers in the cloud to make your connection faster.

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  1. OK, but how many people have multiple connections. Even if they do have unlimited cellular data, do they have 4G or LTE at home, can they even tether it (well, legit anyhow, another discussion) etc. Or is their phenomenal 'super high speed' internet crap already as in the case with my phenomenal 2M upload speeds (which never exceed 1.2M) from TWC Turbo plan... Thoughts of going to their highest tiers just scare my wallet... Still...

    Hence my wondering truly how useful this would be to the general people. Sure even I'd like it for special situations but... I'd rather just have truly nice internet to start with.
  2. "Over 175 backers pledging more than $17,00 USD"
    175 people pledged 17$? who the hell proofs your stories?
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