I5 3570k+geforce 660 superclocked Cpu, Air cooling is enough or not.

I am building a gaming pc.
Processor is I5 3570k
Geforce 660 superclocked graphic card 2GB
8GB ram
2x120 fans in front ,1x120 fan back,1x120 fan on top of the cpu case.
Is liguid cooling is required or air cooling is just enough for these kind of pc's....
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  1. don't let all the hype fool you, liquid cooling is NEVER required, it's more just for fun and for extreme overclockers

    set up your fans properly, and you're fine on air
  2. If you aren't overclocking the CPU, then no, you don't even necessarily need a good air cooler, since the stock cooler will be fine for stock temps. If you are overclocking the CPU, then you need a good cooler, whether it's air or water.
  3. You only need water if overclocking very high or running in unusually hot environments.

    You can OC that CPU to 4.2Ghz+ with a decent air cooler.
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