Silverstone Strider Essential 700W Active PFC ATX 80plus PSU

The above power supply. Yay or nay? I am being sent it as a replacement for the Enermax Tomahawk something 750w 80+ Bronze, which was lost in transaction...
So is it a viable replacement?
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  1. Nay. While I've had success with the Silverstone Strider Gold and Silverstone Strider Plus models, I've not tried the Silverstone Strider Essential models nor have I heard many good things about them.
  2. dirtyferret said:
    it's a fine PSU (tom's reviewed it well years ago) but it's been out in the market for some time. It's sent out as a replacement for a enermax 80+ bronze?

    yeah, apparently it will sustain 700w much longer than the enermax one...
    basically I ordered the enermax one because it was way down in price, and then it failed to show up and after keeping in contact with the store, they instead decided to re-send me one, but they were out of stock in that model, so sent me the silverstone PSU
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