Need NVIDIA replacement for Radeon 5450 HTPC

Been trying to get the HDMI Audio out issues resolved for days now with this card and im about to throw it out the Window. Basically if i turn off my TV and / or receiver, i lose the "AMD HDMI OUTPUT" device. It shows unplugged and i have to reboot to get the stupid sound back. Since my HTPC is also my NAS, i don't to reboot every time i turn the tv back on.
Same goes if it goes to sleep. It seem a common problem and i none of the fixes posted thought the web work for me.

Tried Win 7 / Win 8 / Server 2012 Essentials, same crap. New drivers, beta drivers, old drivers, same.

Anyhow? anyone got a decent / cheap NVIDIA card with HDMI audio / throughput ( don't care about bit-streaming, my receiver can take DTS Master and DD True HD ) that doesn't have this problem?

I was thinking something like the GT430 or GT440, can someone confirm that the sound doesn't go away if you turn off your TV?
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  1. I'm using a GT520 and it works great. VGA, DVI, and HDMI outputs, but I'm using HDMI to the 40" HDTV. Never had a problem. I'm using a Galaxy brand but here's an MSI branded one for $40:
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