Lenovo's Yoga 11S Now Available for Pre-Order

You can now order Lenovo's new 360-degree flip and fold Ultrabook from the Lenovo website or Best Buy's online store.

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  1. Not bad, good competition for the surface pro I think. ..but 768p? Cmon lenovo at least make it 1080p
  2. I'm okay with 768p on an 11.6" screen, but it's a real shame that you need to fork over $1350 to get a model with Windows 8 Pro (at least direct from Lenovo).
  3. Intel's premium prices with intel's GPU, no thanks!
    Slap in AMD's APU, slash the price, then we'll talk.
  4. With Haswell so close (and the alleged huge power savings), this seems like a really stupid time to buy an ultrabook. Wait a couple of weeks and either buy a Haswell equipped model, or a discounted Ivy Bridge one.
  5. Haswell is going to be able to deliver a much better punch in the same power envelope the y series ivy bridge are. The haswell version of all ultrabooks are going to be infinitely superior because of the additional battery life and cool temps. This yoga will get a nice boost from haswell in both the cpu and gpu departments. At 11.6" I would like to see 1600x900 IPS/PLS minimum but it really should be 1920x1080 and the 13.3" one I'd like to see that bumped to 2560x1440 like the toshiba kirabook has but 1920x1080 IPS/PLS is the minimum i would accept on the 13.3". If they can bring the higher resolution with the haswell refresh i just may be in the market for a yoga book.
  6. in 2003, we have this,
    NEC Electronics America Inc. has developed the 8.4-inch XGA TFT color ... All I want for Christmas is anything on this year's Best of Innovations
    now 10 years later. 768 again? retro :P
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