Report: White Nexus 4 Coming June 10

Has Google got a white Nexus 4 planned for a June launch?

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  1. I have a feeling the wife will want this versions over her current black model :(
  2. How about a Nexus 5? or a Nexus 7^2 or Key Lime Pie??!?
    The troll in me wants to say breakable glass backs are so very iPhone 4, and I'm an iSheep!
  3. This would have been great, but now with the GS4 Nexus edition coming up...
  4. Hope they fix the thermal throttling, it seems a very easy manufacturing fix. People fix it themselves with a .5mm copper shim.
  5. I'm hoping by the time my Verizon contract is done in October 2014, there will be a nice 16GB-32GB phone like this for $300 and straight talk will support 4G. This phone is a great deal.
  6. yea.....right. the GS4 will be almost triple the price of the nexus 4. and i dont feel like getting sucked into another 3yr contract just to get the S4 at a price i can get this one outright
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