Need help with dual/monitor problem (LoL, DD)

Hey there :)

I don't know where i can found this on any forum so i create one and hops some1 will answer me.

I run very often dual-monitor (47" LG TV + 22" Samsung tv), Samsung is my main monitor and LG is my second monitor.

Only program i use on LG is VLC (yeah you know, movie, serie ect...),
watch this when i play games on my main monitor.
Only game i have played (most often...) is DD (dungeon defender) and playing full-mode with out any problem at alls.

when i tested LoL then when i move my mouse to right side then my mouse go over to my second monitor :/
Tested all screen options in LoL and its not does work :(

So the only questions i have to tel is if you know what program och whatever i need to do so i can play LoL without my mouse curse will go over to next monitor.

Like disable to move curse to next monitor, or program that you stuck in-game so when you need to get out you need to press some button. just my theory.

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  1. Well it's been 5 months and nobody has answered you. I really hope you can see this though. I found this program.

    It might help you out.
  2. I have that problem before too. I believe there is a ingane option that would solve that.
    And if that doesn't work. Try swhiching the monitor around and see if that work.
    I know for sure I have this problem with my other monitor can't play on it but when I swhich monitor everything was fix
  3. are you playing in windowed mode?
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