Windows can't find drivers for anything

Hi there.

I'm having trouble installing devices into Windows 7 (x64). It seems that my computer can't find drivers on Windows update. I've connected a regular mouse, webcam, card reader, headset etc. all of which install easily in other Windows 7 computers. But on this computer when I plug in a device, I get the notification that says, "Installing device driver software", then "searching Windows update" and then invariably "no driver found."

Driver installations worked fine for a couple of months after I installed Windows. Also, Windows update is configured to install updates automatically including recommended updates, and to download driver software and icons from Windows update automatically, and there are no connection/firewall issues.

I can't find a solution for this anywhere. I would appreciate any assistance.

CPU: AMD A6-3650,
Motherboard: MSI A75A-G35
RAM: 8GB RAM (Patriot DDR3 12800)
Hard drive: Seagate 500GB
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x64
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  1. Disable auto updates (select "choose" if needed), you should only update from manufacturer website of hardware.

    A webcam unless it is Logitech or another well-known brand, requires its own cd driver disk to install the drivers, therre are generally no generic drivers for a webcam. At least with a well known brand, they have drivers on their website. Don't remove or lose the sticker on the webcam, it is its only identifying feature, without the serial number, it is no good.
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