GeForce GTX 550Ti or NVIDIA Quadro 4000 or e-GeForce 9800GTX+

I would like to know what would be better, I have been looking at them but im stumped. I am looking for one to get the best FPS on some gaming games. Also wondering how much watts it may use. (P.S. First time PC building)
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  1. The 9800GTX+ is kind of an aging card, but was a good gaming card in it's day. The Quadro 4000 is technically a workstation graphics card, not specifically designed for gaming, and from what I've seen, can be quite expensive (it's original retail price was around ~$1,100). The GTX 550TI is something along the lines of mid level gaming card, so depending on what titles you are actually looking to play, that would probably be your best performance/value. Newegg has models around $110 with 1GB of 192 bit GDDR5 (faster memory, wider bus = more throughput). The 550TI recommends 400W power supply minimum and requires a 6pin PCIe power connector as well, all things to consider. You could always squeeze a little more juice out of it with utilities like MSI Afterburner, which make it easy to overclock GPU's. So, that would be my suggestion at least, although I'm no expert when it comes to gaming cards (don't really game too much anymore).
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