Samsung 840 250gb vs. Samsung 840 pro 128gb

I am looking to replace my current build with a new one sometime this year. However, I am unsure on whether or not I should get the 840 pro 126 GB or the 840 250 GB. I am not willing to dish out almost $250 for the 840 pro 256 GB, but I do want an ssd. I plan on downloading more than 100 GB of software and games on the ssd, including the OS of course. The 128 pro would get me the majority of my wishes, but not all of them. The 250, on the other hand, would be more than enough but the write speed is low. I also have heard that the TLC memory on the new Samsung SSD's could be an issue further down the road, which surprises me because Samsung has always been nothing but 100% reliable.

If this is a deal breaker, let me know if there are any other highly reliable SSD's that are quick. I know that the results wouldn't be seen in a year, but after the first couple of years some problems might occur. If anyone reading this has a new Samsung SSD, then please tell me what your experience is, and what model you use.
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  1. Hello,

    Well, that's a tough decision. If you haven't used an SSD, your will be very happily surprised with the speed. My absolute 1st choice would be the 840 Pro, 256GB. Possibly the price will drop by the time you are ready to purchase it making it a choice.

    My next choice would be the 840 with 256GB. I've been there with a 128GB, and as you relate, have run out of room storing programs and app data on it. Also remember the SSD has to store other system data, such as the EFI or MS reserved partition, and needs 7-10% room for over provisioning.

    The 256GB is now the "sweet spot" regarding size and size vs cost. With that size, you can store all your programs etc on the SSD without having to move off your libraries. You won't notice the speed difference, but you will notice the frustration when you run out of storage space and then later shop for a larger SSD.

    Maximum PC has ranked the Samsung 830's, then the 840 and presently the 840 Pro as the "best of the best" so I would stick with your manufacturer.
  2. I probably should have also included that I am using a 1TB hard drive for excess files.
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