best way of using two different hard drives to run different programs from?

Right so basically I use a program called FRAPS to record my laptop screen when recording games on it. However when i record the game i'm playing then suddenly LAGS like mad because the recording works really hard taking away power from my game!. However i have seen most people fix it by getting a second hard drive and using the installed hard drive to play the game on and a second purchased usb one to record from so i googled what i think there on about these usb hard drive things and they are like £80. Questions = Is there a way i can use my hard drive from my old laptop and link it up to my new laptop and run FRAPS from my old hard drive and my game from my current hard drive in my laptop? Becuase that way i wont have to pay £80 - £100 on a usb hard drive as i have my one from my old computer? Please explain fairly simply im not great with computers.
My current computer specs:
RAM = 16gb
Processor = intel core i7
memory = 1TB
Windows 8
Graphics card = 2gb Nvidia
Old laptop:
Packard Bell
Windows 7
I THINK - Ram = 4gb
I THINK - memory = 250gb
processor = i3
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  1. You could get a docking station like this one or you could just get your own external enclosure like this one. This assumes the old hard drive is a SATA drive.

    -Wolf sends
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