ECS' Intel 8-Series Motherboards Officially Debut

ECS has launched its new range of Intel 8-Series Motherboards, which will begin shipping in Q2 2013.

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  1. oh ok, i thought this was their gaming boards, because when i looked at the pic i thought, what the heck, they are ugly.
    good thing those are not gaming boards.
    anyway i like asrock, cheaper yet good
  2. Good that they try to take a bite of the market, but still I don't trust their name...
  3. I up vote ASrock. Only option for the very high end is Asus.
  4. Hmm, while I swear by ASUS and Asrock, ECS did a pretty good job for Z77, I look forward to see what they've improved on for z87
  5. I'm the kind of guy who appreciates promo videos from different companies, not just in the computer industry. I like them for their production value, special effects... essentially the 'art' that goes into the video. But this... I must say this is the worst promo video I've seen so far. Sorry, ECS. Next time, don't be cheap and hire a real pro to do your promo videos.
  6. Will be interesting to see how their "Gaming" boards turn out.
  7. Q2 2013. Way to be specific in late May 2013.
  8. It would be nice to know the manufacturer and series of these "superior solid caps".
    TDK? Panasonic? Nichicon? Chemi-Con?
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