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Hello Sir,
Do you know the best server class motherboards which run vmware esxi as a home made system for large and medium scale computing centers?
some environmental such as model of the cpu and total price and manageability is important.

Thank You
Ami Ama
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  1. Here is your problem- "large to medium scale computing centers" don't purchase "home made servers". If you have to ask why then you should hire a consultant to help get you up and running.
  2. You're better off getting the low end Dell servers. I have two T110 II systems, and both cost me less than trying to put one together. My first one cost me <$900 while the second cost me <$600. (The first used an H200 controller, which I found out wasn't needed. I use these for training/ cert test studying for ESXi and Windows 2012.) This model and all the optional hardware are fully VMWare ESXi supported, too.

    If you need something more powerful than a Xeon E3, up to 32GB of memory, and 4 drive bays, then you can move up to the T320 or T420. If you need rack mount, the R320 and R420 are excellent models.

    I've been using Dell servers for the last 3 years at my current job, (I'm an admin for a server software test lab) and they've been excellent for support, compatibility, and reliability. Well, except for the Toshiba drives. Dell uses whatever drives they have for their builds, and the times I've had Toshiba drives, they've all failed prematurely. Fortunately, they always replace them with Seagate or WD drives. You can specifically request to exclude Toshiba drives, though. I found that out after I bought my last one.
  3. A home server is a server located in a private residence providing services to Optionally these images and video streams . It possible to put servers in racks like with home-made racks that have rails that bend .

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