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where to find drivers for my ethernet controler and web cam and i believe a video driver and how to install them. email me @
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  1. Use the DVD that came with your MOBO. It will have all the drivers on it except the GPU. YOu should have a seperate DVD that has those on it.
  2. this is an acer aspire one netbook. it has no cd r dvd player. when it was given 2 me it wouldnt boot. and i am by far at the bottom of thefood chain when it comes to computers i have managed 2 install windows 7 ultimate but the install left out some of the drivers. i had no network adaptors so i couldnt hook up even 2 a hard line now i have managed to get a wireless driver 4 that network adaptor but that was luck lol. so whatever i install with has to b off a flash drive rthe net
  3. Then go to the Acer website
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