Nvidia Publicly Releases its FaceWorks Tech Demo

"Digital Ira," the centerpiece of Nvidia's GDC 2013 booth, is now freely available.

Nvidia Publicly Releases its FaceWorks Tech Demo : Read more
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  1. actually you can't down load it from the link in this article; the URL is broken!
  2. Wow, scary lifelike and quite GPU intensive (SLI 680s).
  3. I wonder how well this will work with a Radeon card. I got a 7950 and post back how it handles it if it allows it to work with my card of course :-P
  4. It only works on Nvidia cards and I only have an AMD card. I guess I should have expected that.
  5. I'm able to run this very smoothly on two GTX 660Ti's. It is a very nice demo but I can't wait to see stuff like this in games. Hopefully with the adaptive tessellation they can make it possible sooner rather than later.
  6. Doesent work on AMD cards(i tried with 7970). Really Nvidia? isnt this your time to shine? or is AMD better at the demo than Nvidia cards?
  7. This demo uses CUDA for its physics instead of direct compute like TressFX hair.
    That's why it won't run on Radeon.
  8. nice demo, but if it gonna make it into game, it will be limited to what a next console can do. We wont get beyond next gen console graphic until the next next generation console come out.
  9. Tom's must be the slowest tech news site in the history of Internet.
  10. Faceworks won't run on my laptop which has a GTX 675MX. I think the demo can't see the nVidia card even though I set up a profile for it in the nvidia control panel, and is instead seeing the Intel integrated graphics chipset. That's why it is having trouble initializing DX11 functionality. Shame...
    Works good on my desktop machine though. The baldy has no tongue nor tonsils. Give baldy a tongue and a pair tonsils, nVidia.
  11. Why is it bald? Does it require TressFX Hair using direct compute?
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