ddr3-1866 pc3 15000 vs 14900

Hi all so I was doing some more research on ddr3-1866 memory and found pc3 15000 and 14900 whats the difference?

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  1. Reread the rules, bumps aren't allowed.

    Virtually nothing.
  2. Ah forgive me please I got an "stumper" auto email so I thought it was telling me to do something.

    Ok thanks so much for that feedback. I can't find an online like wiki article on this could you help me with that please
  3. It's just the speed its rated to work at. Sometimes you have frequencies that don't quad pump well. (They are odd frequencies that result in a remainder.) Some manufacturers call it 15000, while others call it 14999. It's just how you round it. Assuming they have the same latencies they should provide near identical scores.
  4. Ah ok thanks man!
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