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I'm currently using a 60Hz flat panel from AOC. The panel is fairly clear but I'm after something quite a bit better for gaming purposes.

After a while looking around for a CRT in my area/country it looks like this isn't a realistic option and there are more hits for recycling centers for CRT's than seller listings.

It seems a little hit and miss when looking about for LCD, TFT etc on the net as many monitors may have good reviews for input lag and response time but are stuck at a pitiful 60Hz or are 120/144Hz with really high prices.

I know this is a common question and there is no known "one and only gaming monitor" but I'm wondering what people have or know of that meet the criteria I'm looking for (hopefully with some review or another to back it up):

19" Display or better.
Resolution 1600x1200 @ 80Hz minimum.
Known to have really low input lag (lower the better).
1-2ms response time (hopefully just 1ms).

So far the hard part seems to be finding 80Hz+ without paying for 120/144Hz. What it comes down to for me is performance and resolution (to help with 'jaggies'), I'm not at all worried about HD, 3D etc.

Suggestions appreciated,

TIA :)
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  1. The refresh for most panels is 50-85Hz. No one would make an LCD panel designed to run 80-120Hz as it would serve no useful purpose, and no one would buy it. You can probably try and set a higher refresh rate on your current monitor as it's likely in that 50-85 range, but it's not going to make any notable difference.
  2. Well I cannot get more than 60Hz out of this monitor or I'd not be looking for a new one. As it is there are 120Hz monitors such as this one: http://tinyurl.com/mmjobxu but as I said I'm avoiding buying one due to it being overpriced. Also I do have a purpose for a monitor above 60Hz because I intend to run games at frame rates of 70-80FPS, which on a 60Hz monitor is very jittery and results in tearing.
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