How should I put Ubuntu on my second, Win7 disk?

Currently I have 2 HDDs in my PC: 2011 HDD with 1TB(930GB de facto) of space with Win7 on it and a 2006 HDD with 150GB of space with Ubuntu 13.04 on it. As the 2006 drive is old(and could fail any day now), I would like to migrate Ubuntu(with all the settings intact) onto that Windows 7 1TB drive and create partitions that are 630GB-300GB(Ubuntu:Windows7) and use that 2006 drive for other storage.
How would I clone these Ubuntu partitions onto my Windows 7 drive?
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  1. Boot into a LiveCD (any), set up the partitions via gparted, and then use the "dd" command. "man dd" if you need help. It's simple.
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