Ram frequency, clock speeds, and mobo compatibility

I have a ddr2 motherboard that has 4x2GB sticks @ 1066mhz
is there a setting I need to change to make sure it is running in dual channel mode?

my mobo as it is is an old (old meaning like 2009) hp pavilion and when I opened up CPU-Z it says dram frequency is only at 400. Does this mean that even though my mobo is a DDR2 mobo it must be able to support the faster speeds? Did I buy 4 1066mhz sticks for no reason? And if so what is a good micro-ATX mobo that'll support DDR2 1066 ram speeds?
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  1. Hello opio,

    Dual channel is a feature that comes in-built in a motherboard, if your motherboard is designed to support it then all you need to do is install the memory in identical pairs (same speed, size). As you have mentioned I believe you have installed in pairs but as I mentioned before if your Mobo supports the dual channel feature it will activate itself, there is no setting as far as I know.

    If the CPU-Z is mentioning that the memory is running @ 400MHz, then either the speed is downclocked to 800MHz or you have DDR2 - 800 memory. Perhaps your mobo supports 1066MHz, but it may not be able to run at the max speed instead it downclocks. P.S - there are not many mobo which supports DDR2-1066MHz.

    If you are looking for a new mobo then the best thing will be to look for a motherboard which supports DDR3 memory rather than DDR2. It is better to ditch or sell the DDR2 memory if you are convinced that you need a new mobo.

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  2. Ya after doing some researching I found out that it can only handle 400, even if it downclocks I can't up it to 800 because the mobo I have is locked. I was going to buy this


    but it's stupid, ya it looks cool cause it supports ddr2 and ddr3 (obviously not at the same time) but you can only have two sticks in at a time! I don't want to sell my ddr2 ram I just bought it and it was expensive. If anybody here knows of a micro atx mobo on newegg that even supports ddr2 800 let me know
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