GTX 680 Price Drop?

Hey Guys,

I was just curious to know if any of you think that the cost in the UK of the GTX 680 will drop upon the release of the GTX 780?

The reason I ask is that after reading any article I can find on this, the common point some of them make is that the 780 will not be streets ahead of the 680 despite being based on the same technology as Titan?

I just don't know how nVidia will be able to justify what I have read will be between £400 to £500 for the reference design due out from all accounts this Thursday 23rd of May, and no doubt companies charging more in a few months time for specialised versions?!

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  1. Cards will always drop in price, Regardless of what comes out next. Im expecting that it will go down by 20-30£ at the most. Nothing too major. Since it is still a top end card.
  2. Used prices will drop but new probably wont for a while. I don't know why you'd want one anyway, the 670 is just as good.
  3. within 7-8 month " usually" u can get that gtx 680 for 45-65% of the current price, that the best time if u want to sli 680
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