AMD FX-6300 vs i3-3220 for low-budget gaming rig

Just like the title states... I am going to be putting together my first low-budget gaming rig and was wondering which one would be better. If you think I should wait and save up some more money to buy a better processor, then that could be an option as well(though I rather not spend more $$ on a CPU). I plan on pairing one of the CPUs above with an EVGA GeForce GTX 650 Ti 1GB just to give you an idea of what I'm going to be working with. If you think I should get a different GPU, feel free to mention that as well! Thanks in advance for your time, I appreciate any advice/help you have to offer :)

Intel CPU:
Price: $110 before tax with promo code
Price: $120 before tax with promo code

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  1. Go for AMD Phenom II X4 965 BE
  2. redheat2010 said:
    Go for AMD Phenom II X4 965 BE

    Does that one perform better than the ones I listed or is it just better for the price?
  3. i would go the fx 6300 over the i3 as they are similar in performance and the fx has 6 cores over the dual core with HT, and the am3+ socket lives for one more generation, and then id still get the 6300 over the 965 as piledriver (6300) beats the phenom II (965) overall and u get 2 more cores with the fx over the x4 965. If u were asking about the 6100 against the i3/965 it'd be a different story

    fx 6300 vs i3 3220 -
    Fx 6300 vs X4 965 -
    i3 3220 vs x4 965 -
  4. I am not saying that intel is bad or rather amd is better than intel but on gaming performance, specially lets take assassin's creed unity the fx 6300 perform slightly better than I3 4150.
    it also perform better in watch dog it is not a big difference, actually the compatibility and performance is 15-20 percent and it doesn't matter to be honest. ....
    Intel is 4th generation but this modal is not a high end on the other hand fx 6300 is a high end processor but an old one which is still working at least so go for amd as per my opinion and if you think it is wrong try comparing on think about it
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