Watch Dogs Gets Amazon, Gamestop Preorder Exclusives

The Watch Dogs pre-order bonuses may peeve some gamers.

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  1. If this DLC isn't available for purchase by non-pre-order buyers, then this is just awful. You'd have to buy the game twice over if you wanna get all the outfits, loot, and real-world items. Bad move by Ubisoft.
  2. Ubisoft has used singleplayer missions as preorder bonuses for Assassin's Creed games in the past, so I'm not really suprised. I don't remember if those singleplayer missions were ever made available as paid DLC. I don't see them stopping this trend anytime soon, preorder numbers for each Ubisoft game in a series continue to rise over each previous game in the series.
  3. Game companies who penalise gamers for not buying their games before the reviews are released, don't deserve to have customers. Also, companies involved in paying to make their rival's products artificially inferior, don't deserve customers either.
  4. eh. i've learned that pre order bonuses are pretty shitty anyway so, idgaf
  5. Ubisoft and DLC? i guess many people will just pirate this. If you want to sell, dont piss off the regular buyers (and im not talking about the motivated buyers).
    Its hard to belive people would still pre-order games, after so many fails in the gaming market.
  6. I believe it will be available for next gen at the same time, not later
    and pre order bonuses to me are okay as long as 3-6 months later the missions are available to everyone
    now unquie skins and outfits and stuff i am okay with being exclusive
    i preorder games i know i will buy anyways like SaintRow4 and GTA5
  7. After GTA 3 i thoguht the same about GTA 4.... and i did not even make it to a 1/5th of the game since i got bored of the issues the game had.
    Unfortunatelly you cant trust any studio nowday :D. Hell, i didnt even buy skyrim yet, cus im gonna wait till its for sale in one big pack and the mods are set in stone.
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