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Which would be the best gpu for playing upcoming games.... Gtx550 ti.. Gtx650 ti...1gb. OR Gts450
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  1. well i suppose you are on a budget, i think amd 7850 is a solid performer and much better than the graphic card you have mentioned, check, for the price info.
  2. You are right i am on a budget .....about 13000...i can't extend it a little bit...and a card u are talking about....costs about, i am sorry to say. ...I can't afford it....
    So..please can you suggest me any other card.........
  3. gtx 650 ti Boost, important the boost version
  4. its 1000 rupees only but anyways what is your psu
  5. I am going to buy a whole new first suggest me a gpu then a psu
  6. And what do you mean by boost
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