Win7 Home premium - Updates good / bad?

I`m a home user, not new to PCs, and I`m using a Win7 home premium. I do browsing on safe web-sites, mainly reading news / book reviews, searching for jobs (so forums), and the occasional gaming. I use Chrome browser and a free antivir called Ad-Aware Antivirus.

Every couple of days there are some 'essential' updates / patches and so on that need to be installed from MS.
I`d like to know, will they do any good? From the experience I have so far (from home use and office use) the security patches / random updates will cause the system to move slower, boot slower, and so on.

Do the benefits of those patches outweigh the minuses to performance?
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  1. It all depends on what it is patching. Some of the updates are to fix security issues in Windows and Internet Explorer. At a minimum I would install the security updates.
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