problem formating micro SD memory card

hello,I have a big problem with my micro SD memory card,it's locked and I forget it's password.and I also can't format my memory card both in my mobile phone and PC.when I want to format it with mobile,it says an error happened and the action is canceled,and my PC doesn't recognize that I insert memory into it,what should I do? :( help me plz
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  1. Hi Marm

    Could you maybe give me the exact SD memory module part number or product code. Its most possible it wont let you format the device because of the password lock on the SD card. Please get back to me so we can see if there is a way around this.
  2. hi,thank you so much for answering.
    It's micro SD HC,Kingston SDC4,16GB 02,C16G JAPAN
    Am I right?
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