Will games run on i5-3570k with intel hd4000 graphics??

I dnt have mny to take a gpu:(
So will games like assassins creed 1,2,3,brohood cs global offensive,etc run in med-low settings??
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  1. Yes to all except AC 3 & Brotherhood.

    If you are looking to game on a budget, look at the A10-5800K instead.
  2. I suppose it depends on the game and at what resolution you want to play at. I had a laptop with an Intel HD 4000 for a very brief time. I decided to test a few games on it at 1600 x 900 resolution.

    Dragon Age Origins - Playable.
    Mass Effect 3 - Game crashes right after intro video??? It plays fine on my laptop using the older Intel HD 3000 graphics core.
    Tomb Raider - Playable, but there are driver issues. "Black holes" floating by in a stream/river. Momentary stutter about every 30 minutes or so. Don't matter if it is an action sequence or if you are merely walking.
  3. Intel HD graphics 4000 is not a powerful gpu for modern games sadly.
    You can decrease the game resolution to either 800x600 or 1280x720 and yeah low-med settings will serve you good.
    just make sure to disable AA and put shadows to the lowest if you are facing lags ;)
  4. If your going to use integrated graphics, always get the fastest ram possible 1866Mhz or faster
  5. Hd 4000 will easily play all source games easily.
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