Separate Wired & Wireless Networks (Primary+Guest Wireless Access Points)

I realize this line of question has been beaten to death/has a ton of variables and complexities :??:, but we are desperately needing to establish a Wired + Dual Wireless (Primary/Guest) Network to enhance both functionality and security of a home multi-media network as it involves business data. Our architecture/hardware includes: Actiontec MI424WR REV I g/b/n Router + Motorola SGB6580 Gateway (and a Netgear PROSAFEGS110TP Smart Switch).

The intended (and current) configuration is as follows:

A) Primary Router as Actiontec MI424WR REV I (ISP is Verizon FiOS) = IP Address [Subnet Mask =; Lease Pool = - with IP Range: - set for Vendor Class ID "IP-STB"]; DHCP Server ON, Wireless set to OFF. The Actiontec Primary connects all of our Wired business devices (via PROSAFEGS110TP Smart Switch connected via LAN port to Actiontec); while we would much prefer using the Motorola SGB6580 as our Primary, with Verizon we need to leave the Actiontec up front to maintain full Cable HDTV Guide/Menu and STB functionality. Following these instructions, we have configured a Static IP ( and connected

B) a Secondary Router connected LAN to LAN as Motorola SGB6580 = IP Address with DHCP Server OFF (NAPT is still enabled, however) and Wireless set to ON. The Motorola Secondary is intended to connect all of our Wireless devices using its dual SSID radio and built-in functionality for Primary (business devices only) and Guest (home pc/multi-media, guest devices only) wireless access points/networks. This is to allow Guest/Kids PCs/Devices, Xbox, etc. to have wireless internet connection only without access to either our primary router, wired or wireless business PCs/devices/files. Two separate wireless access points are necessary, 1 for Work (Primary) and 1 for Play (Guest).

Our Primary Wireless Network on the Motorola works just fine (devices connect with IPs assigned in the correct lease pool range,, however we cannot get the Guest Network accessible at all (devices can connect to the Motorola/Guest Network - IP addresses show up in the gateway correctly, but the Guest Network is not accessing the Internet).

Our Network skills/understanding is pretty limited, so we are clueless as to why the Primary Wireless Network is accessible in this config, but the Guest is not - assumption is that since the Motorola Secondary is set as a Static IP with DHCP off, it cannot correctly assign IPs to a subnet for the Guest network, i.e., since the Motorola's built-in Guest wireless network functionality (we think?) uses a separate subnet, we have set the Wireless "Guest LAN Settings" DHCP Server to "Enabled/ON", with IP Address = [Subnet Mask =; Lease Pool = -]; the Guest Network is not accessing the Internet regardless of whether the Guest LAN DHCP server is ON or OFF. An overview of the Guest Network Settings available for the Motorola can be found here.

Finally, we arrive at our actual Question(s) ;p!

1)Does any option available to us in the Guest Network settings remedy this situation? or is Internet access to this Guest Network simply not possible because of the Motorola's Static IP designation within the Primary router's subnet?

2) Does any "other" configuration of the Motorola as Secondary router achieve our goal of Wired+Primary Wireless+Segregated Guest Wireless Networks? [configuration options for the Motorola]

3) We are not really using any of the PROSAFE Switches' functionality/capabilities - could we possibly achieve our required Wired+Primary Wireless+Segregated Guest Wireless Networks by better employment of this Switch?

Happy to provide additional screenshots of our settings, if it helps (we need it!).

*just because we are "crazy like that", we have also considered a 3 Router (triple router Y-config with devices on each network separated by their WAN ports) that looks like it would provide us our requirements, but a) of all it seemed silly to add a 3rd router when the Motorola is designed to provide separated wireless networks already and b) of all, the Motorola doesn't have an external WAN port to use in that config? :(
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  1. When you run the motorola device lan-lan its is run as a AP. None of the routing or NAT function will have any affect. To make this work you would have to if possible carry a vlan back to your main router and have it give out ip and nat for that network.

    The only other way to make this work would be to use the WAN port on the router but then you double nat everything including your main network.
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