Should I upgrade MOBO just to go for a new CPU?

Hey all,

I have a AMD 965 BE @ 4.0Ghz at this time with a 670 GTX Graphic card, I'm playing Battlefield 3 competitively and I'd like to remove any stutter and if I look at my CPU/GPU usage during the stuttering I see my CPU has some high spikes.

Now with my 870A-G54 Motherboard I can't really upgrade to a better CPU or something that's worth it.

So the idea is should I go to the FX side of AMD or should I move in the more expensive Intel side?

I have the resources to go for Intel but rather not waste my money if something big is coming, I still manage to pull 60-65 FPS with this CPU and doesn't really matter if I change any graphic settings from LOW to ULTRA it stays the same.

If I buy a new CPU I need a mobo change, I have a bit of knowledge within the CPU world but it get's blank as soon as I've to choose a new motherboard :??:

So my question to you is if you could please give me some advice of what I should do ; Wait, go AMD, go Intel, Which CPU, Which Motherboard?

I thank you in advance!

Rig :
AMD 965 BE @ 4Ghz ( I have H60 cooler on it, for both platforms amd or intel )
870A - G54 MSI Motherboard
8Gb Kingston 1666Mhz RAM
Intel 520 series 120Gb SSD
600W Power supply
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  1. I currently am running an fx6100 3.3ghz with an EVGA gtx670 FTW. Its horrible. The fx6100 is bottlenecking my GPU. In BF3 I get alot of FPS spikes that jump from 30fps all the way to 90 FPS. I have a new PC, i should have never gone with AMD. I have only used this AMD fx6100 for 7 months and I am already looking for an I5.

    My build:

    Amd fx6100 3.3ghz
    8gb ram
    EVGA GTX 670 FTW
    700 Watt powersupply
    Windows 7
  2. Exactly, as I might never go beneath 55FPS I do feel the stuttering. But at some moments any lag is critical and I can lose several € for that :D
    Happy to see I'm not the only one ofcourse but nice for us is something else. You are willing to swap you motherboard and CPU just for that? Going to cost a lot as I'm searching for a CPU that's little stronger then an i5 which contains an i7 then. As I do have some experience in video editing.
  3. Yea as of right now im looking at I5 with a mobo for a total of 300 dollars. I cant stand this fx6100, its so fustrating. Even at overclocking the I5 over powers it. Also i am looking more towards future proofing so I trying t switch to the I5. BF4 is also coming out, BF3 is one of the main games I play so I need the switch. Do you have any specific suggestions on an I5 and mobo build. I need the links to bothl. I dont want to spend more then 300 if i dont have to.

    Also i currenntly have this mobo: ASROCK N68-VS3 FX with 8gb ram. Is it possible that if i switch to intel I5 and a different mobo that i will be able to reuse the ram? It will same some money
  4. It's hard to find anything for 300 dollars though, where are you located so I can search for you. My currency is in euros so it's kind of difficult to compare but I'll try. I see 300 dollars is what the CPU I was thinking of costs. That's the i5 3570k. However you still don't have a motherboard then, but really.. I wouldn't by any other i5 on the market then this one now. Intel is just way more expensive

    With that RAM problem, can you send me the specific details of the RAM? Brand, Type
  5. My current mobo says it has this type of ram:
    Supports Dual Channel DDR3 1600

    On Newegg the same I5 you told me about is only 220 dollars:

    All i need now is a mobo that will put me less then 300 but i have no experience with mobos so i do need some suggestions. Also i need a mobo that can fit this ram:
    Supports Dual Channel DDR3 1600
  6. This motherboard will satisfy you as long as you only have one main drive. This mobo has one SATA III port which should be connected to your main drive ( SSD for example ) I have 4 SATA III right now which my other drive is connected to aswell, which gives me more speed. Other then that, the CPU you send me is gonna hold the 670GTX back in some games, yes also in BF3. I've recommended the i5 3570k because this one can keep up with the speed of the 670GTX. You won't feel a lot of it you'll have 105-115 FPS constantly with that CPU. When you plan on recording though it's better to go with i5 3570k or higher.

    Watch the 'k' behind the i5 3570k which means it's overclockable. You are saying you are overclocking your AMD so I'm suspecting the same with your intel CPU. Your CPU from newegg website doesn't have the option to overclock so it'll run at 3.2Ghz all the time. As clockrates are important within gaming you always have to search for a 'k' version of that model

    I made some crazy mistake with the prices in the post above. You're correct! :)

    CPU :
    MOBO :

    Does ATX fit into your case?

    I'll be watching this post tomorrow again, work tomorrow
  7. I dont know. I got the comp pre build. Its an AzzA case. Is their any way to figure out if that Mobo will fit or not?
  8. This is what i am about to order.

    sounds good or no?
  9. Yep that's great!

    AzzA what type?

    I do find it weird you're having lags with a fx6100 ..
  10. Ciryk Popeye said:
    Yep that's great!

    AzzA what type?

    I do find it weird you're having lags with a fx6100 ..

    so i decided against buying a new processor. Instead, just a few hours a go i installed the hyper 212 cpu fan, and also got new mobo so i can overclock cpu even more. I only have it overclocked from 3.3 to 3.5 with the stock fan so now that i have new cpu fan im going try up to 4.2. If it works well ill give you heads up cause you were thinking of getting an FX series and our specs are basically the same.
  11. Ye was thinking about getting the FX 8350. I have my CPU watercooled and overclocked to 4Ghz, but good idea to replace the stock cooler cause no one actually leaves it on if they want to game, that's why I didn't feel like asking you.
  12. Ciryk Popeye said:
    Ye was thinking about getting the FX 8350. I have my CPU watercooled and overclocked to 4Ghz, but good idea to replace the stock cooler cause no one actually leaves it on if they want to game, that's why I didn't feel like asking you.

    I OCed comp from 3.3 to 4.1. Got a new 990fx mobo to. Games work perfectly now. I don't get lower then 60 GPS on ultra in bf3 multiplayer. It's great . The prob was my old mobo. It was complete crap. After installing new mobo my 3dmark score went from 5900 all the way to 7200. If u can get a 990fx board. Best type of boards for amd
  13. This is the one I have : I'm not sure if it's that bad actually..might be my cpu though...
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