Final Check before Purchase! Check out this build!

Please look over my gaming build and offer any feedback or advice you have. Thankyou so much in advance.

Asus P8z77-v Pro Motherboard
i5 3570k processor
Standard Stock Heatsink
16gb Corsair Vengeance Ram
Seagate barracude 1tb 7200 rpm 6 gb/s hard-drive
CX600 Power Supply Unit
NZXT phantom Case
Gigabyte hd7970 3gb graphics card
Xonar dg soundcard
off-the-shelf cd-drive
Samsung SSD 128gb

Total Price: roughly $1,250

Good? Let the scrutiny commence!
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  1. nope. if you can wait 2 more weeks, haswell will be out and the 700 series GPUs will also be out. recommendations will change for sure

    if you cannot wait, heres what id change

    -if you are not going to overclock, change the CPU down to a i5 3470
    -stock heatsink on a k series CPU is punishable by death. defeats the whole point getting a k chip
    -8gb is enough for gaming
    -the xfx 550w is a better PSU
    -no need for such a large case and there are cases for much cheaper that are just as good such as the arc midi r2
    -you dont need a sound card unless you have some good headphones that require powering
    -there are cheaper SSDs that perform just as well
  2. I will probably overclock it eventually, any recommendations on what heatsink to get? ill drop down to 8gb. I like the case cuz im a sucker for cosmetic awesomeness. And Yeah I have astro a40 headphones so i thought id throw in the 30$ card. Any recommendations on the ssd boot drive??
  3. If you are near Microcenter they can save you about $80-100 on cpu/mobo
  4. Also, Will i be able to get a better CPU for the same price as the 3750k I have now once haswell is out? same goes for 700 series? will i see an increase in performance for the same price? Or will all this technology come at a ridiculously high price?
  5. well you might as well then. but then id wait for haswell and the new GPUs coming out. ill give you the rest of the system that wont be changing due to to the launches.

    the sound card can wait a bit though. some of the new boards that are coming out have some pretty good onboard stuff so yeah. as for the case, the red and white models are also for the same price at newegg. pick it up while you still can
  6. the haswell chips will cost a little more (lets say 10-20 bucks) and the boards will cost a little more as well (lets say 10 bucks more for the same tier). you get around a 10% performance boost overall.

    as for the GPUs, they are mostly rebadges of the 600 series but they may have some tweaks within that allow for better overclocking and such. this is the vague part of the build. haswell is for sure going to perform better
  7. Well, if this is accurate at all,,22204.html , it states the new gtx 770 will perform like the gtx 680 with 4gb instead and at the same price of $400, would that be preferable over the hd 7970??
  8. not really given how much more powerful a 7970 is. the only thing that might change is the overclocking on the new 770 series cards. the 600 series were never really good at overclocking due to the fact that the voltages were locked to 1.175v
  9. And is it wise to go with a 550w PSU if i ever plan to CF in the future?
  10. the odds are that you wont CF, if you want to pickup a more powerful psu, go ahead
  11. Will the 550w psu be plenty for the system im running currently, Include haswell chip. Also when the haswell chips release (June 3rd it was estimated) How long before the motherboards come out that support them? new chipset?
  12. 550w is plenty for any single GPU system other than dual GPU cards. motherboards come out at the same time as the CPUs.
  13. On the ssd, you recommend a 128gb Plextor ssd that features sata 2, if it is just a boot drive, would the 64gb sata 3 be a faster choice since i dont need the space?
  14. its a sata 3 drive.
  15. But is there any reason to spend the extra money just for more space??
  16. For a simple boot drive 60 Gig would work fine however most people throw a few other things on there and the price on the 128Gig Plextor is a good value.
    I got a 1TB spin drive for storage and Do not even use it Just the 256 SSD makes everything faster.
  17. larger drives also tend to perform a little better. its not noticeable in real life though. id definitely get a larger SSD still
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