CyberPower Black Pearl---Can it handle DayZ + other steam games?

I currently have a 09 HP laptop and I made the mistake of buying DayZ and as most of you know that game requires an amazing computer to play on so I'm going to upgrade. Can anyone tell me if the CyberPower Black Pearl can handle the game?
btw I also play minecraft, runescape, Gary's Mod, other steam games
Does this desktop sound good for me?
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  1. Depends on what parts you build it with as it has several option parts.
    One rule though never get anything they have marked default this is mostly true for their power supplies.
    Never ever get their base power supply.
    I have a Black pearl and it can run anything. But I specced it out that way.
  2. Thanks.
    Also any specific build I should go for
  3. Yeah don't give them your money and build your own computer, you can build something cheaper and far better than what cyberpower, alienware, dell charges for their pre-builts it's not even funny. Fill out the form thats stickied on this part of the forum, and we'll help you from there. And if you want an example of what I mean last I checked one of those sites I was able to build a tower in the 1k-1.4k range that beat their 4k+ towers easily, and I used good quality parts and didn't skimp out anywhere, they just flat out overcharge. A lot of their "gaming" computers are actually POS in terms of gaming performance with crappy GPU's, shoddy PSU's which I am surprised don't blow out from just being turned on, and definitely won't take any upgrades.
  4. If I had built all mine from new egg i would have save 260 dollars but I was out of the area for work for a bit so I had them build it.
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