lock microsoft outlook 2003/2007 add email account?

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I was giving my work place with 5 computers of small business, and I going to use microsoft outlook for my mail client. Only me know those email passwords, the thing my employee can do is only use my workplaces to send mails so they can't use those email from outsides.

Now I use the outlook that already enter created email acc/pass, can I also lock up the add email accounts? so I can avoid my employees to add their own email accounts in my workplaces and force them to use given email accounts?
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  1. It would be a part of configure the inside registry of windows.
    Here what I found : http://helpdeskgeek.com/office-tips/prevent-users-from-creating-new-email-accounts-in-outlook/

    Else If you doesn't want to let you ppl can't leak their mails than a perfect utility would be : http://www.dlpsoftware.com/dlp/data-leak-prevention.html

    Or Monitor Your Employee can be as easy by this :

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