Lenovo H520's Built Desktop - Better than building my own? Gaming!!

I totally agree with everyone who says building is better than building already made PCs. However there are some decent pcs out there which are made by big manufacturers!
Currys / PcWorld have a Lenovo desktop for £449.99 - No GPU
Or with a Samsung Monitor its only £363.65 - So your saving £85 and getting a free £120 monitor?

I dont understand the logic of this package, maybe its a mistake - however you can build a PC using components from ebuyer, aria, ect. to make a similar PC for exactly the same price, but with no monitor or peripherals.

What do you guys think about this? Im all go for building my own, but if i can save £100 which i can spend on a decent GPU then why not? ..If i do build my own i would get a GPU, however i would also need to get a monitor and peripherals?

I have heard they sometimes use leftover PSUs and MOBs - I dont care what make the things are, aslong as it does what i want with ease! (because its a slimline pc it uses a mATX PSU which i have seen two different sizes - one is more like a normal size PSU and the other is really thin and long - Unsure of which the lenovo h520s has)


PC: http://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/computing/desktop-pcs/desktop-pcs/lenovo-h520s-desktop-pc-19597876-pdt.html

PC and Monitor: http://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/computing/desktop-pcs/desktop-pcs/lenovo-h520s-desktop-pc-with-samsung-s22a100n-21-5-full-hd-led-backlit-monitor-21019360-pdt.html
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  1. yea i've got to say i like slim line pc's,i also have a miro atx case and powersupply but make sure there are 2 full size slots for your graphics card and how much space in the inside. and its a good deal with the monitor
  2. never mind on that case unless you plan on gaming with a hd 7750 or swaping out that case because the most powerful half size card is a hd 7750
  3. Nope - pre built rigs, no matter what big box vendor they come from, are absolute crap for gaming. They really don't exist - watered down hardware, non standard form factors, and junk power supplies on these rigs combined with limited upgrading factor and you'll be trashing these within a year.
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