Thinking about getting a gaming mouse.

I'm thinking about getting the anker gaming mouse for $40, or the Logitech G600
for a bit over $60. I'm new to pc gaming but i think I'll be playing both fps and mmorpgs. Can I get some input about these two mice?
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  1. Mice preference really comes down to you.

    Different kinds of mice lend themselves to different ways of holding them.

    Some mice for instance are shaped so that your finger tips will reach the end of the mouse.

    While others are shaped so that you're more inclined to hovering your hand over the mouse,

    instead of directly resting on it. If you're a competitive gamer, you'll find that some will make you

    able to click faster or respond faster to things on the screen. However people still have different preferences.

    The G600 is one I've heard a lot of people think highly of. Mice from Razer are also favourited by many.
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