Finish Line in Sight. Amd or Intel. Critique Please! Noob Build lol

Guys I have been reading my but off about computer components. This is my first build and I want to do it right. So I have questions. I have come up with what I think are two good systems based on my needs. One AMD and One Intel. Here's a list of things I have found to define so that I get useful answers.

1. I will not be overclocking.

2. I want to play whatever great games are out there, I like first person shooters and GTA IV. I am not going to buy a cooler.

3. I am not brand loyal to AMD or Intel; Geforce or Radeon for that matter.

4. I want the best bang for the buck.

5. Budget Under 690 lol.

6. I have additional storage here at home I don't need anymore.

This is the site I have used to compare the two central processing units

Here is the AMD build

Here is the Intel Build

Also I was trying to figure out which graphics card to go with I would be willing to pay the $10 difference for the 660 but the 7850 seems to do the job.

Here is the site I used to compare them.

Bottom Line I know its a lot of content in this question and I don't expect to get everything in this post answered in one submission of a solution. With that said I appreciate any insight you all could provide. If you do provide a full proof answer I will have no choice but to deem you awesome lol. Thanks a lot guys. Look forward to seeing what you all think about my builds.

Atlanta, Ga, USA
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  1. Those kinds of sites are generally not very useful, as they don't discriminate between all the different uses - not all programs are multi-threaded enough to use all 8 cores on the FX for example. Tom's Best CPU/GPU for the money reviews are generally quite good:,3107.html,3106.html

    Will look at the builds; back soon.
  2. OK, AMD Build first:

    Now the Intel:
    • Can't OC on that board - try a GA-Z77X-D3H or ASRock Z77 Extreme4.
    • Try getting CL9 RAM - tighter timings are always good.
    • Same HDD comment
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