My computer specs:Intel P4 2.66 Ghz, 512MB DDR RAM, Motherboard: Asus P5GL-TMX/S, Windows XP SP3. How can i boost my PC?

I just need to fasten it up as much so that it can perform normal activities like youtube and playing hd movies without any lag. Sometimes even browsers gets stuck when i use 3-4 tabs.

Please tell me a way if by adding more RAM or graphics card, it can enhance the experience. I don't wanna spend much on it. This is link to the motherboard's specs:

What can I do with this rig and how much this mobo would support? I can see it has 2 empty slots for RAM. I'm not a techie so can't understand the specs much. Please help.
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  1. Honestly from those specs and your request. in order for that to play HD it will cost a pretty penny. It would be wiser to just get a new computer. your can find reasonable new computers that can do what you want for 250-400
  2. +1 to Fobogo Bohica

    Your system is out-dated... you are better off buying yourself a new cheap computer.
    You could try upgrading the RAM to 1GB (or higher) this will help you run more tabs in browsers and more programs but I dont think your processor will cope with it.

    Sorry bro.
  3. Intel Pentium 4 670 3.8 GHz - $21.50

    Artic Silver 5 - $7.99

    G.SKILL Value 2GB (2 x 1GB) DDR 400 - $39.99

    I would remove the 512MB memory and install just the 2GB kit. Intel Pentium 4 670 is a good CPU to upgrade to in cases when your motherboard doesn't support newer Core 2 microprocessors.
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