Cannot Connect to DC on Hyper-V 2012 server


I have come across very strange problem. I have Domain Controller installed on the Hyper-V 2012 server. I used to access it though RDP as there is no GUI on the Hyper-V. While I was changing network settings I have disabled network adapter on the Virtual Domain Controller. I have lost connecton and since then I cannot access this Server. I have tried to restart DC and Hyper-V but it still not working.

And because this is DC I cannot add my Hyper-V server to HyperV manager on my admin Windows 8 PC. (I think that this is because of that, correct me please if I am wrong).

Anyways, my whole network has practically stopped working since there is no DC running(I have only one DC).

Could you please help?

Maybe there is a way of enabling NIC from Hyper-V using PowerShell?

I have been fighting with this for last couple days and I am very tired and frustrated......... :/
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  1. If you have completely removed the network adapter from the virtual machine, then you can re-assign a NIC to the virtual machine in Hyper-V Server. Starting up the virtual machine, it will appear to the VM that it has had a new NIC installed, which means it will no longer have a static IP address, but will probably be set to DHCP and request to get a new IP address. If you can find out what IP address it is handed (either by viewing your DHCP server log or through a network scanner) then you should be able to RDP to that new IP address and configure the static IP address again.
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