Kaveri CPU Performance?

I recently made a HTPC build with a A-8 Trinity APU. I've been very happy with it. I mainly use it for recording/watching live TV though my CableCard Tuner, along with 1080p video. It easily breezes though that. The main thing that does tax my system a little is light video editing. (I edit the commercials out of my recordings) I'm planning on buying a Kaveri processor when they come out. I hear allot about cthe IGPU with the 40-50 percent increase claims, but I don't hear much about the CPU performance which benefits me the most as I edit. I'm thinking that we should see a 10 percent tick increase, but hoping for more. Anyone have any idea/guesses on how much increase we can realistically see?

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  1. AMD Kaveri A10 is rumored to have 3 compute units i.e. 6 cores. If your editing program takes advantage of multiple CPU cores then this will certainly improve your experience over the A8 Trinity.
  2. Unknown at this point in time.

    Based on a 2012 press release, AMD's goal is to increase performance by 5% - 15% for every new generation. More info should be available later on in the year.
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