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Ok, so I've just got my new pc and realized that the gtx 680 has one DVI-I and one DVI-D. I need to 2 DVI-I's, so I was quite annoyed when I found this out. However, I saw that my motherboard (Asus P8Z77-V) has a socket straight for a vga cable, but for some reason this doesn't work and I'm not sure why.
The second monitor I will be using won't be for games, just browsing and stuff, so there is no point in me getting an VGA to DVI-D adapter.
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  1. You can't use your dedicated graphics card and your onboard at the same time.

    Solution: Sorry, but you'll have to purchase an adapter.
  2. Actually, that is not correct, currently I am running 3 monitors, 2 on my GPU, 1 on the iGPU, and I could also run a 4th on the iGPU. You need to install the drivers for the iGPU, I don't think it is installed by default if you have a discreet card.
  3. Do you know where I can download the iGPU for the Asus P8Z77-V?
  4. Just go to the Asus website and download the Intel HD 4000 drivers or whatever the iGPU is.
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