HP CEO Focused on Android in Earnings Conference Call

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  1. Microsoft needs to fix win8 faster then the autumn timetable they're talking about.
    first intel telling OEMs to focus on Android, now HP? These are the first cracks in the dam... if Microsoft wants to be relevant in 5 years they need to act right now, not later.
  2. Microsoft still does not really understand the market segment the Android and iPad users belong to. Everywhere I look, most of them just use it to play games or watch videos. In the latest ads, MS insists their OS is better because it has "less talking, more working". The fact is, the market wants an inexpensive platform for entertainment, not to work. That's why the cheap Android devices are selling while the more expensive, MS Office capable tablets are not. People still need MS Office, just not needing it on a mobile device that much.
    By focusing mobile solution on work, MS ends up having a much smaller slice of the total mobile market consists of professionals who do not mind paying more for more capable devices. But that market is much smaller compare to the general public.
  3. good bye microsoft :p for home use, or personal use, i don't see any use of windows, i could anything on android already, if i really need to type a lot i just get a keyboard for the tablet :p
  4. Android if fine for the consumer market but corporate is going to remain predominantly Windows for some time to come.
    Izman, you must not do very much at home/personally because Android does not begin to scratch the surface of capabilities I need in a fully functional OS.
  5. get game makers to use somethign other than DX and i would see no reason to have any m$ products on my machines
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