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I have a new lenovo y500 that im downgrading to windows 7, and when I booted from my external drive (that has my windows 7 disc info on it) none of the drives in my laptop were compatible (saying that they are GPT, and it needed to be NTFS), so right there in the install options of windows 7 I chose to reformat the main drive that had windows 8 on it (and the other partitions), and it still doesn't let me install, saying it needs to be ntfs (at this point id like to install it on either one of my 2 drives, one is disc and one is solid state 16gb where I would like to install...). Is there a way to format the hardrive thats in the laptop to ntfs from bios? I now have no operating system in place so its kinda worrying me. Thanks for any help!
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  1. Use GParted, it’s a bootable LiveCD designed for formatting and managing disks.
  2. Thanks for the inpit, I'll have to give that a try in the future :).

    Just for people who might have this same issue:

    I solved this by actually opening up the command prompt within the installer right there in the windows 7 install page with the drivers listed, and with just a few commands I could format my drive as NTFS. I then clicked on the drive I formated, and clicked erase (or something like that), and "New". The drive then worked great for the new windows 7 install :)
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