Need help on buying please : GTX 690 or GTX 680 sli or GTX 780 / Titan?

Hey i don't mind the price really but these are the three options im looking at the rest of my computer is fine which would be best for playing games like Battlefield 4 when released DayZ and other higher demand games whilst being able to record at the same time? Any advice would be great!
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  1. I think being able to record smoothly relies more on having external capture hardware. Either in the form of another computer, or a capture card. Otherwise, you have to record at lower settings, or have lots a lots of hard drive space.

    But it really depends on your budget, of course in terms of absolute raw performance, the gtx 690 will be the highest, but the gtx 780 will be cooler and quieter, and the gtx 680 alone would be the cheapest. The gtx 680 will still be adequate for quite a while though, unless you really need the extra performance afforded by the 780 or 690. The gtx 690 is better value than a gtx 780 though.
  2. Well would SLI GTX 680 be better and i am recording to an SSD using Dxtory or Fraps?
  3. Yes, an SLI GTX 680 would be the absolute best value if you don't mind dealing with SLI. But really, recording depends a lot on your hard drive etc. You need a huge SSD if you want to record a lot of video. Otherwise, you need to utilize real time compression, which you probably would want external hardware for. Are you streaming? Because for streaming, you definitely need to compress the video on the fly, then you probably can't stream at that high of a resolution/framerate/bitrate without external hardware.
  4. No im not streaming and i have recorded okay on one GTX 680 i just had to turn the settings down and i use my processor a lot its a i7 3770k overclocked to 4.4Ghz so you would advise the GTX 680 SLI but what do you mean if i can deal with it?
  5. SLI just uses more power, and sometimes it's glitchy and doesn't scale well. But usually it works fine. Also, there might be very slight micro stutter issues. If you record with fraps, generally you just need a large and fast hard drive. Your current graphics card is enough, adding another one won't improve your recording.
  6. Probably try GTX 780 sli if u can, just pay around 350$ more than a single titan and get double the power:D 780 and Titan use the same PCB, cooler, everything except having 3gb less vram for 780, but dual 780 gives 6gb vram but double the insane power, you can actually slightly overclock 780 to match titan's performance with no worries. If you can't afford dual 780 then dual 680 is your best bet
  7. Okay so i've decided to go with the SLI GTX 680s anything i need to know when using SLI ?
    Thanks for all the helps by the way
  8. Hzzee said:
    Okay so i've decided to go with the SLI GTX 680s anything i need to know when using SLI ?
    Thanks for all the helps by the way

    Not really, it will work fine. But theres 1 thing you need to know: SOME games do NOT support SLI, but you should be fine since a single 680 handles anything on the market on 1080p. And also there's a little amount of games that dont support it so no worries
  9. Alright great thanks and an extra thing on the side anyone able to recomend a good gaming headset i was looking at the logitech G930 but thats been out for a while ... :) Thanks again guys! great help
  10. Sorry for kinda later reply, but get the Corsair vengeance 1500, really great headset with crystal clear mic
    7.1 surround and connects using usb
  11. the new amd cards are the best for battlefield 4 from what i have heard and people said with the beta that with nvidia the game would crash but two 680 should get you more frames than the others. but if you are running three monitors the 6gb on the titan will help a lot.
  12. BF4 is a joke right now and i wouldnt recommend buying maybe in a month or to then maybe once the bugs/issues get fixed
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